• To Transform student teacher into competent and committed professionals with the basic competencies and skills needed for functioning as an effective teacher for a defined educational level.
  • To promote the capabilities for inculcating national values and goals (As enshirned in the constitution of india) among school children.
  • To enable teacher's to act as agents of modernization and social change and sensitize them toward crucial issue like the promotion of social cohesion, International understanding and protection of human rights of the childern.
  • To sensitize teacher's about social emerging issue such as environment ecology, population gender equality, legal literacy etc. and to develop proper professional approaches for dealing with such issues.
  • To create a new generation of Teachers explore of developing national thanking and scientific temper among students.
  • To develop managerial and organisational skills, needed for running a modern system for education.
  • To regularly upgraded the infrastructural instructional facilities eater for needs of higher education like B.Ed. & D.EI.Ed. to regularly update the laboratory and library facilities.


  • Pursuit Of excellence : A Commitment to strike continuously to improve ourselves and systems to become the best.
  • Fairness : A commitment to objectively and impartially to earn trust and respect to Society.
  • Leadership : A commitment to lead responsively and creatively in education & research process.